Hole In The Wall Diner (Waverly, TN)

forks-4When my wife and I travel for leisure, we tend to choose higher-end chain restaurants, mainly because you know what to expect, and the last thing I want is to take my wife out to an unknown place and she be disappointed. We will vary from this pattern only when it is a place that one of us has tried before. However, when I travel for business, I tend to target the mom and pop, dive type places that are usually located in small downtown locations that only the locals know about. Today, on a business trip to Waverly, Tennessee, my buddy, Brantley, and I found such a place – a little diner named Hole In The Wall. Read about our experience after the break.

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Coyote Blues (Jackson, TN)

forks-4Ate here with my bride tonight. I have to say this place has become one of our favorite on the spot choices. We are never disappointed, and we weren’t disappointed today either. Continue Reading…

Rock’n Dough Pizza Co. – For Brunch (Jackson, TN)

forks-5 I have to say, it didn’t start off this way, but Rock’n Dough Pizza Co., in downtown Jackson, has become one of my favorite places to eat in Jackson. I eat there at least once a week, sometimes twice or thrice. Not only do they have great artisan and gourmet pizzas, they also have fantastic grinders (subs/sandwiches), and salads. My usual lunch meal is a Firebird Grinder with a side Greek Salad. But – recently they also began to serve brunch on Sundays. My family decided to try them out after church. I’ll tell you about our experience after the break. Continue Reading…

Alba Coffee Shop, Jackson, TN

forks-4 We’ve had a number of coffee shops come and go in downtown Jackson. Starbucks, then Green Frog. The newest shop to setup in the coffee shop location on Baltimore Street is Alba Coffee Shop. Honestly, I have been hesitant to go because I was really disappointed that Green Frog closed shop. Alba has been open for a little while now, and my indecisiveness got the best of me to Alba’s benefit the other day.

My first impression was good as it was what I have come to expect of coffee shops these days – strong hipster vibe, artsy hand-drawn graphics, etc. – not necessarily my thing, but not unpleasant – and again, expected.

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At Home – Crisp, Fresh Salad

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