The Station Burger Co. (Union City, TN)

A few days ago, I was in Union City, TN for business. I googled for restaurants close by and found The Station Burger Co. in the listings. I remembered someone recommending the place so I decided to give it a go.


They did not seem to have an “is this your first time here” routine, which I honestly wish was there to walk me though the menu a bit.

Not hindered at all, I ordered the Station Burger – a bacon incorporated beef patty, run through the garden, with pepper jack cheese. I also orderd Station Fries, fresh cut, bathed in their special seasoning.

I went back to order a chili bowl after I noticed it on the menu after the fact. It had a hearty flavor with a subtle heat. The gravy had a creamy consistency, which is a bit unusual, but not bad.

You all know I love dives, and even though this is a small chain, it felt a bit like a dive. Overall, it was all very good.

Beer Army Burger Burger Company (New Bern, NC)

forks-5As if this little town just down the road from Cherry Point Marine Corps Base wasn’t cutesy-quaint enough, the Beer Army Burger Burger Company pushes it over the top. Located across the street from the old Christ Church cemetery, this gem of a local-grown restaurant is going to be hard to pass up when I come back this way. Read why after the break. Continue reading Beer Army Burger Burger Company (New Bern, NC)

Hole In The Wall Diner (Waverly, TN)

forks-4When my wife and I travel for leisure, we tend to choose higher-end chain restaurants, mainly because you know what to expect, and the last thing I want is to take my wife out to an unknown place and she be disappointed. We will vary from this pattern only when it is a place that one of us has tried before. However, when I travel for business, I tend to target the mom and pop, dive type places that are usually located in small downtown locations that only the locals know about. Today, on a business trip to Waverly, Tennessee, my buddy, Brantley, and I found such a place – a little diner named Hole In The Wall. Read about our experience after the break.

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