Charlie Bulldog’s (Jackson, TN)

forks-4A new restaurant recently opened at the site of my old favorite Mexican eatery. The new place is called Charlie Bulldog’s and is nothing like the old El Rodeo. Since it’s close to work, I’ve been anxious to try it out. We really need some more good restaurants downtown. So, the other day, I called up a buddy and we met for lunch to give this place a whirl. See my first Charlie Bulldog’s food adventure after the break.

Knowing that I was going to Charlie Bulldog’s, early that morning I emailed them to request a menu. They were very kind to send me some images of the menu. I’ve included them below. One of the things you’ll notice is that there is a bit of a jump between prices. You can order something that’s under $8, or you can order something that’s $20. Very few “in-between” choices.

The first thing you notice is the “upscale” feel of the place – before you even enter. The logo on the cloth awning is well-designed and sets a great tone for what to expect inside. The interior is well-decorated, but not overly done. The lines are simple, but the finishes feel warm and rich. It’s so different from the last time I was in this building. So far so good! Now, let’s order some food!

My buddy, Mike, ordered the special – I forgot the name, but it was basically a pork loin dish. Along with the pork loins they served a pretty intense-looking piece of cornbread, some baked mac-n-cheese, and some “pork and beans” which looked amazing – nothing like the store-bought canned stuff that comes to mind when you hear “pork and beans.” Mike said it was all very good, especially the beans. I know it looked great from where I sat.

I splurged a little and ordered a fairly pricey dish – the Rib-eye Sandwich. I chose this dish because I knew that Charlie Bulldog’s was going to eventually open a butchery right in the restaurant. I thought it would give me an opportunity to try their meat quality. It came with steak fries that were actually quite delicious, perfectly seasoned, and perfectly cooked – crispy on the outside, but tender on the inside. The sandwich was also very good, but not quite what I expected.

It was served on a small submarine-style bun, that was toasted. It was garnished with a sprinkling of shredded lettuce and two very thick slices of tomato. I ended up slicing down the tomatoes to make it more uniformly distributed on the sandwich. I’ve never really liked thick tomato slices on my sandwich, but it is a very “southern” thing to do. Overall, it was quite good, but perhaps too small a portion for the price. The photo below shows the sale of the sandwich, dwarfed by the steak fries and the small, thick tomato slices.

Rib-eye Sandwich

The meal was good, but the drinks had way too much ice in them, and had a strange taste – almost like when you first get water from a new fridge at home. Overall, it was very good adventure, especially the conversation with Mike. I’ll definitely give this place another go, perhaps for dinner.

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