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forks-2Like I’ve mentioned before, I am willing to travel great distances for a good meal. One of the places that Angel and I absolutely love is Chipotle Mexican Grill. When we lived in Colorado Springs, it seemed like there was a Chipotle at every major street intersection. Since moving back to Tennessee, we’ve not had the luxury of a local Chipotle. Seriously, it makes me sad thinking about it. In the past couple years,  they’ve built several Chipotle locations in Nashville (2 hrs away) – and yes we drove it many times. Recently, they’ve opened one in Memphis, which cuts our Chipotle runs by an hour each way – nice, but I sure wish one was closer. Chipotle has the freshest ingredients that are locally purchased and that are both environmentally and health conscious. The flavors are incredible and the menu choices are simple but easily tailored to any palate. Hands-down, this is the best burrito chain.

Carnitas (Pulled Pork) Burrito Bowl, with added Guacamole

The other night, Angel talked me into making the Memphis Chipotle run after work. We had been to that location a couple of times since they’ve opened, but in all honesty, while the food was amazing, the service was lacking.

The first visit, we gave them the benefit of the doubt as they had just opened. But they were very slow. At the Colorado locations, even when the line was down the sidewalk, your max wait was 10 minutes. That day, we waited 20 minutes in line and we were in the building. Again, we chocked it up to opening-pains.

The second time we went, the line moved much quicker, but the place was ill-kept. There was food all over the dining are floors, and the tables were not being cleaned fast enough between patrons. And, they ran out of ice, and several of the fountain drinks. I was very disappointed in all of that, and was not sure what to attribute it too. Thankfully, the kitchen itself was well-kept, and the food was its usual amazing goodness. Unfortunately, this was the first visit for the family we invited, and while they enjoyed the food, they made several comments about the cleanliness and supply in the dining room.

So, third time’s a charm right? Well, not so much. Again, the food quality was great – and the only reason I will probably go back, but the dining room floor was filthy, the supply of drink stuff was depleted and the tables were not cleaned between patrons. We told the crew that they really needed to clean the tables and floor, but even with the scale of the disaster, they only assigned one person to clean, and that person was taking her sweet time. Angel had to clean our table herself, which really irked me.

Chipotle, you need to do something about this location. Your great food is being overshadowed by a lousy dining experience.

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